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Participatory art installation/performance


For Janaki Ranpura


TAF The Art Foundation, Athens, GR

The project was a collaboration between Ranpura and traditional shadow puppeteer Tasos Konstas. The artist looked into how traditional Greek shadow puppetry relates to democracy today. The research was carried out a while after the Greek referendum and brought forward questions of identity/tradition/agency.


The outcome was a multimedia participatory installation and an interactive shadow theatre performance. The hero, Karagiozis, lived through a scenario chosen by the audience. The audience went through several methods of voting before seeing the results of their choice in the performance. 


My role

Photo/Video Documentation of the project

Oral history recording  of public on democracy and the relevance of traditional shadow puppetry in today's Greek society. The two videos edited together with the artist were presented as part of the exhibition.


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