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AV performance for 6-8 year old Kids


WITH LES GNOUS for Onassis Cultural Center


Athens, GR 

Lille, FR

Thessaloniki, GR

What sound does a rake make? How can we creatively use the sounds of a stapler or a cooking pan?

How are a water bottle and metal sheet used to create sound effects?
What sound does a line moving across the screen make

and how does the accompanying sound alter the way we perceive this movement?

“Scratch! Bam! Sound Lab” interactive audiovisual performance immerses children in the magic world of foley, the art that gives sound to image with the use of everyday objects.

Two musicians, Vassilis Tzavaras and Michalis Moschoutis, go on a journey into an abstract collage of projected digital animation and old films, where moving images come to life with the help of sounds created by everyday objects. Children follow the “sound scientists” rhythmically and actively participate in this imaginative “knowledge game” of foley art and early cinema. 

My role

Video design, animation

scratch still 6.jpg
scratch still 1.jpg
scratch still 4.jpg
scratch still 3.jpg
scratch bam.jpg
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