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Multimedia Dance Performance

January 2016

Interdisciplinary Residency With Albrecht Ziepert, Kate Nankervis, Andromachi Vrakatseli, Kostis Tsiamagkas

hosted by ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT - International Dance Film Festival 2016


Athens, GR

(In)visible lines is a short hybrid performance combining image sound and movement which has been created during an interdisciplinary residency leading to the AVDP festival in Athens January 2016.

Starting point of research has been the existence of internal and external boundaries in public space and the human body. Artists explored their personal references of visible and underlying borders, observed inter relationally and socially. Within the performance two dancers (Kate Nankervis and Kostis Tsiamagkas) explored the responsive audiovisual environment created by Berlin-based musician Albrecht Ziepert and visual artist Erato Tzavara.

Dancers’ movement is mediated via different trigger areas on stage as well as recorded live and interpreted both musically and visually. (In)visible lines is a comment about nowadays boundaries expressed through the dialogue between dancers and audiovisual technology.

My role

Video design

Photo by Jefferson Sofarelli
Photo by Andromachi Vrakatseli
Photo by Andromachi Vrakatseli
Photo by Sofia Vaso
Photo by Andromachi Vrakatseli
Photo by Sofia Vaso
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