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Multimedia Dance performance installation

August 2016

For choreographer Kate Nankervis, a collaboration with Driftnote (media art), presented at Summerworks Performance Festival 2016


Toronto, CA

What if you could look at her forever?

Shadows start fading and the spectrum of light reveals its subtle nuances. It’s that extended moment
of time before dawn, your gaze follows her, as she’s shifting shape, color, distance.
Enter a fluid timeless place, a zone for constant change and undefined borders.
What becomes of an Association For Looking: closely, long and beyond in an arena filled with
HORIZON is multimedia performance installation where bodies, sound, image and space melt into a
durational setting composed by both audience and performers.
As an audience, you are invited to come and go at your leisure to a multi-dimensional live dance
performance despite you, yet with you. We will watch together. We will compose together. We will

evolve together.

My role

Video and set design, live feed manipulation during performance​

Horizon 1
Horizon 2
Horizon 3
Horizon 4
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