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Dance performance


For MS Schrittmacher Dance Company

A DOPPELPASS Projekt in conjunction with Saarland Stattstheater


Berlin, DE

Saarbruecken, DE

On tour Summer 2018 (Hamburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Poland)


Three characters in their comfortable home zone Europe start suffocating from their own abundant lifestyles.

The disaster comes back home.

My role

Video design, live feed performance​

Tech tools used

2 projectors

1 projector 3d mapping on a white strip on floor and on a plastic couch

1 Backdrop live feed of a plastic fantastic playmobil world that starts flooding.

Sound responsive visuals

Couch Mapping - Photo by Andreas J. Etter
Playmobil Backdrop - Photo by Andreas J. Etter
The couple - Photo by Andreas J. Etter
  • Choreographie, Regie: Martin Stiefermann

  • PerformerInnen: Jorge Morro, Antje Rose, Nicky Vanoppen

  • Dramaturgie, Text: Hartmut Schrewe

  • Ausstattung: Anike Sedello

  • Musik: Albrecht Ziepert

  • Videodesign: Erato Tzavara

  • Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Efrat Stempler

  • Produktionsleitung:  Helena Tsiflidis

  • Kommunikation: k3berlin

  • Grafik: Peter Junge

  • Hospitanz: Dawn Robinson

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