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sci-fi site-specific dance performance

June 2017

For MS Schrittmacher Dance Company

A DOPPELPASS Projekt in conjunction with Saarland Stattstheater


Saarbruecken, DE


Refugees have come from 2121, where they have lost the infinite power source they had available. The audience enters the refugee camp set in an old office building, where scientists are hosting-monitoring the Solvits, the tribe from the future.

Role of video

  • Digital set design

  • Narrative tool

  • Video installation with 14 screens gives an introduction about the story so far through fake news items created using found and originally filmed footage

  • Real time montage of 5 live feed sources expands the narrative from the surrounding spaces to the main control room

Ground floor installation - Photo by Andreas J. Etter
Photo by Andreas J. Etter
cctv system
Control Room
2121_fight scene 2.jpg
2121 fight scene.jpg


For this production we created 14 fake news items from scratch, in TV news and online news formats to introduce the audience to what happened. The news items were presented in the form of a multi screen video installation on the ground floor of the building.

Tech tools used

Green screen, Kinect, 2d animation

Analog video inputs, wireless security camera, 4 HDA CCTV camera system, 6 LCD screens as part of main room, live editing/compositing, 1 vertical projection

1 projection mapping, 14 TV monitors on ground floor​

  • PerformerInnen: Alexandra Christian, Antje Rose, Charlotte Krenz, Christian Higer, Jorge Morro, Nicky Vanoppen, Robert Prinzler, Roman Konieczny, Saskia Petzold, Vanessa Czapla, Walter Schmuck, Mitglieder der Jugendtanzgruppe des SST iMove, Statisterie des SST

  • Choreographie, Regie – Martin Stiefermann

  • Dramaturgie, Text – Hartmut Schrewe

  • Ausstattung – Anike Sedello

  • Musik – Albrecht Ziepert

  • Videodesign – Erato Tzavara

  • Produktionsleitung – Helena Tsiflidis

  • Dramaturgie SST – Ursula Thinnes

  • Regieassistenz und
    Abendspielleitung – Gesa Oetting

  • Bühnenbildassistenz – Nicole Martini

  • Inspizienz – Andreas Klußmann

  • Kommunikation – k3 berlin

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